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Hi, and welcome to the new BraveHearts Accountability Partner Finder website. I hope this free membership service I’m providing is helpful to you in searching for and eventually finding your sexual integrity accountability partners.

I encourage everyone using this site to be as complete as possible in filling out your profile information. Because the more information you provide about yourself, the easier it’s going to be for other guys to get an idea of whether or not you could be a potential accountability partner for them.

But just how much information you provide, and who’s able to view it, is ultimately up to you. For that reason, nearly all of the profile information we’re asking for is optional. And I’ve built-in several automatic safeguards to protect everyone’s privacy. For instance, even if you providing your full last name, the other members on this site will only be able to see the first initial of your last name.

Also, just so you know, I plan on monitoring this site personally to insure that it continues to be a safe place for guys like you who are looking for accountability partners to use both privately and confidentially. That said, be sure to also check out the privacy and notification settings in your profile page for further customization.

Finally, this is not intended to be a community site complete with social media links, personal blogs and discussion forums. Our intentions are quite simple really – to give like-minded, like-hearted guys a place where they can search for and connect with other men who are likewise trying to hold themselves accountable to other men for the purpose of building sexual integrity into their lives. For that reason, I encourage you to look at this site as a starting point in that process.

And if you’re so inclined, I’d like you to check us out and consider joining the BraveHearts Mighty Men program for ongoing sexual integrity discipleship. It’s only $89/month and includes a boatload of mentoring-centric features, including access to weekly group mentoring sessions that I lead personally, as well as 24/7 access to BraveHearts University and my own sexual integrity discipleship curriculum.

To learn more about it, visit our website at www.bravehearts.org. I’d love to have you join us.

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  • Richard B
    Richard B

    Thanks for all your hard work – richard

  • Michael L
    Michael L

    Thanks Richard. Stay tuned as I’ll be introducing a lot of new features to this website soon.

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